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project name:

Hong Kong Repertory Theater's classic repertoire "De Ling and Empress Dowager Cixi"


Project requirements:

for the classicTo reproduce, in 2019, Tianjin People's Art Theater and Hong Kong Repertory Theater jointly produced the "Mainland Edition" "De Ling and Empress Dowager Cixi". I am in charge of the performance peripheral design of the IP of this project.


Pattern Design/Rendering:Li Yixuan

photography:Ma Cheng

Project Cycle:
9- 2020

Design category:

Drama "De Ling and Empress Dowager Cixi" Program Manual

Design category:

In the drama "De Ling and Cixi"Role induction and peripheral derivatives

Visual design of performance cultural and creative products | Drama "De Ling and Empress Dowager Cixi"

Visual Designer |Yi-xuan li


Project overviewdescribed

"De Ling and Empress Dowager Cixi" is a classic play by the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre. It will be republished in the Mainland in 2019 and premiered at the Poly Theater in Beijing. It will be followed by a number of national and overseas tours in Shanghai Grand Theater and other places. I was asked to design cultural and creative derivatives and repertoire manuals for this play based on the plot and the roles and personalities of the characters in the play.


Design Strategy

[Repertoire Manual] Since the program manual has the significance of audience buying and collecting, the overall binding style of the manual is positioned as exquisite and elegant. In terms of layout layout, it is hoped that collectors can learn more about the stories behind the stage immersively by reading the manual, and feel the Another wonderful thing behind the scenes, I put the Fuhuadao part of the drama as a close-up picture into the layout of the text as much as possible, forming a complete composition with the text part.



[Repertoire Derivatives] According to the characteristics of the characters in the repertoire, combined with the love and preferences of young audiences in the emerging industry of derivative products, the characteristics of the characters are refined and summarized into cartoon images. First, relying on the plot, think about the character of the typical characters in the repertoire Features, set several cartoon images, so that it is convenient for printing, board making and mold opening, etc., and can better optimize the existing printing process in the production process of derivative products, and reduce the cost of production as much as possible. Probability of making errors.

Designed by Yi-xuan Li

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