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project name:

"I'm waiting for you in the Summer Palace"


Project requirements:

Combining the Royal Garden of the Summer Palace with the variety show model, creating a modern new form of traditional aesthetics in the new era with cultural creativity, in order to meet the requirements of the program to present a "Yi" style of new life with both leisure and culture and art. I deconstruct and refine the graphics of this [Binfeng Bridge] located on the West Bank of Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace, and apply it to cultural and creative products.


Pattern Design/Rendering:
Li Yixuan

Project Cycle:


The structure of Binfeng Bridge:

westAlthough the bridges on the embankment are inspired by gardens in the south of the Yangtze River, they are slightly different in shape. While pursuing "humorous interest", it may not forget to reflect the majesty of the royal family, so most of the bridge structures are rigorous and symmetrical. The structure of Binfeng Bridge is very regular and symmetrical, with few curves. But the geometric elements in the shape are very rich.

"Deconstruction" of Binfeng Bridge:

I try to BinThe geometric elements in the shape of the wind bridge are disassembled and reassembled to form a pattern full of design sense. The geometric elements after dismantling still have the modeling characteristics of Bin Fengfeng Bridge itself. The red pillars of the Binfeng Bridge are very conspicuous, ready to be the main finishing touch of the picture. In terms of design form, it is mainly influenced by modern art masters Kandinsky and Malevich, and in terms of style, it pursues the high-profile and minimalist style of Japanese design master Ikko Tanaka.

"Deconstruction" of Binfeng Bridge:

onlyLooking at the structure and appearance of a building is not enough to understand a building. This is why when we are in a classical building, we have a different experience than looking at a photo. For the Summer Palace, the feeling of being in it may come from the open lake, or from the tranquility of a corner of the lake. I want to use pictures to express the three periods of dawn, dusk, and dusk, bathing in the morning light on or beside the Binfeng Bridge, watching the setting sun in the distance, and listening to the "meaning" of fish playing in the water under the moonlight.

"Deconstruction" of Binfeng Bridge:

inspired byIn the form of a Chinese painting scroll, the body of the bag can be fully unfolded. The body material can be PVC/PU/leather, and the scroll part is recommended to use traditional materials, such as wood. Instead of using patterns, red straps are used to correspond to the red columns of the Binfeng Bridge. Let's pursue simplicity, and try our best on the premise that the shape is not earthy.Try to keep a little bit of traditional charm.

图形归纳创意 + 产品设计 | 主题文创产品设计提案

Visual Designer | Yi-xuan Li







Designed by Yi-xuan Li

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