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User Experience Design | You Neighbors-App & Web Sit

UXDesigner| Yi-xuan Li


Project Overview

Since our generation will feel that the relationship between neighbors is getting colder and colder, and they live very close, but they "do not communicate with each other forever", [Neighbor] is an app that tries to make strangers around us warm.
For example, you just moved into a new home and there are many photo frames you want to hang on the wall, but you don’t have any screws or electric drills. Just send a message on Neighbor, and a neighbor will send it to you and even install it for you.
For example, if you travel frequently, the kittens at home need to be fed or replaced; the green plants need to be watered regularly. Finding suitable neighbors to help you on Neighbor will allow you to concentrate on commuting between different cities and make your work and life easier. You have to deal with it more freely and with ease.
Inspired by the containment of the Beijing epidemic at the end of 2022, I took advantage of the trend to refer to the mutual assistance applet of WeChat, and designed this app to shorten the distance between people's hearts.


Design Strategy

The pronunciation of the word Neighbor in Chinese was born in conjunction with the homonym of the program's theme "Bang". The logo graphic is a graphic of two people clapping hands to form the outline of the house, which is intended to convey the meaning of being warm and family-like. Choose a more lively low-saturation color system, embellished with youthful and energetic orange, youth and enthusiasm run through the entire interface process;
The navigation in the program is clear, and the function button area is large, which is convenient for users to operate with one hand. The user completes a single complete process smoothly, and the research response time is within a reasonable range;
Because everyone is generally worried about privacy and security issues, a real-name authentication link is designed in the program, and the source can be traced in case of accidents;
The platform operation is a public welfare project. In the later stage, you can consider inserting advertisements to earn income, and the income part can maintain the expenses generated by the operation of the platform and server.


Designed by Yi-xuan Li

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