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project name:
Jeep 75th Anniversary 【All Terrain 4x4 Relay Challenge】


Project requirements:
Jeep extreme cool run isThe first human-vehicle relay race in China, with 4 teammates for 120 kilometers and 2 teammates for 50 kilometers, challenged the circuit around the island with two lengths and various road conditions in the form of a human-vehicle relay. I designed medals for 3 consecutive competitions for this Jeep event.


Pattern Design/Rendering:
Li Yixuan

Project Cycle:


Graphic Creativity + Product Design | Jeep 4x4 All Terrain Relay Challenge - Finisher Medals

Visual Designer |Yi-xuan li


Project overviewdescribed

Jeep4x4 All Terrain Relay Challenge,Held in Zhoushan, Zhejiang,Unlike conventional marathon events, all-terrain long-distance running not only requires runners to adapt to the flat environment, but also requires runners to compete in different road conditions such as mountains, sand, and hills. Echoing Jeep as the originator of SUV, "only the road condition is the real SUV". A Jeep, a team of 4, a sport of will.Compared with the traditional running competition, it is divided into 120KM and 50KM according to the group of participants. The all-road and all-terrain relay race faces more challenges than ordinary relay races. At the same time, we design and make commemorative races for this event. Medals also have an unforgettable experience and unforgettable memory.


Design Strategy

Inspired by Jeep's 75 years of industrial manufacturing and the brand's unique "life sentiments", this brand born from gunpowder has entered a peaceful age, but its original fearlessness and wildness have not diminished in the slightest. The design style of the finish medal in the competition must remain "hard core" and full of "power". The four linkage gears symbolize the four members of the team and the four forces.The power gathers here, put all your eggs in one basket, do your best, create good results together, win the game and defeat yourself.

Designed by Yi-xuan Li

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