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project name:

Brand under the Forbidden City Jewelry [I like the world in this palace]


Project requirements:

Refer to the group pattern in the collection of the Forbidden City for secondary design, and apply it to the peripheral products of life


Pattern Design/Rendering:Li Yixuan

Photo photography:Zhang Xin

Project Cycle:
Jun 20
18 - Sep 2020

Kapture 2023-02-15 at 18.41.44.gif

Cultural and creative product visual design | I like the world in this palace

Visual Designer |Yi-xuan li


Project overviewdescribed

To say that the most popular "IP" in the country in recent years is the Forbidden City. From the Forbidden City tape, greeting cards, ornaments, to the restoration of the Forbidden City's cultural relics and cultural creations, the Forbidden City frequently appears in our lives. The Forbidden City is not only popular, but the cultural and creative products of the Forbidden City have created a super high record of annual revenue of 1.5 billion. Taking traditional Chinese culture as the spiritual core, empowering the cultural dissemination of the Forbidden City with IP, inheriting traditional Chinese culture, and creating a national trendy life aesthetics. Create different content for all age groups, focus on fashion trends, and explore the collision of traditional culture and modern lifestyle. Using fashionable expressions, combined with the characteristics of new media, using trends as the fulcrum to leverage cultural heritage.


Design Strategy

Paying tribute to the traditional creative life, this design plan is based on the historical materials such as patterns and decorations of the Forbidden City in different ages for a second artistic creation, including a variety of product types that combine practicality, creativity, and cultural connotations.
Among them, [Crimson Kesi Swimming Group Crane and Deer Flower Pattern] and [Stone Green Ground Embroidery Happy Meeting] group patterns are summarized into vector elements in graphics and colors and applied to the surface of canvas bags, mouse pads, pencil cases, pillows and ceramic coasters , Once launched, it has been favored by young audiences. There are also five lovely pictures of "Yan Hong Ray", "Yin Fish", "Dragon Shark", "Four Gill Perch" and "Qian Chuan Fish" in "Hai Cuo Tu" drawn by Nie Huang, a painter and biology enthusiast in the Qing Dynasty. The image is based on the design concept of "cute", and it is made into a small metal bookmark and launched as an independent brand product to increase fun and functionality.

Designed by Yi-xuan Li

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